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Kang the Abominable

Kang the Abominable is a giant of a man, standing close to 8 feet tall. He has the typical goliath features with the exception that his skin is a very pale grey. He typically is seen wearing scale armor with no helmet and in each hand is a set of vicious looking dragon claws.

Kang earned his nickname in the last few years as a champion gladiator in the arenas of Karsari. His reputation was well earned as he is a beast in combat, brutally beating down his enemies and showing no mercy. He is particularly known for finishing off his opponents by driving both of his claws into their ribs and tearing out their throats with his noticeably large incisors.

Surprisingly, Kang does have strong although somewhat warped beliefs in right and wrong, and does not relish in causing misery to innocent people. He respects power, however, and does not pity those who suffer because they are too weak to prevent it.


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