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Vincent Noir

“Didn’t get a good look at him. Didn’t want to. Seemed dangerous.”
-Typical Witness Testimony

Vincent stands a couple of inches above six feet in height, his figure whip thin with a sturdy frame of wiry muscle. He has pale skin common to the surface races since the second Night Reign, though his flesh is slightly more ashen than others. Sunken features frame his unnerving eyes – solid black orbs lacking irises and pupils formed from a single point of red light.

His lank hair is a pale silver color and hangs past his shoulders. His wan face is clean shaven, though his visage has a certain mask-like quality that seems to make many people uncomfortable. His wrists are covered by rough, dark scales and his fingers end in strong, black fingernails that resemble claws.

He is adorned in a dark suit of finely meshed leather beneath a midnight blue cloak, and a massive sword is sheathed in a blood red scabbard across his back beneath a small pack containing his possessions. Various enchanted items adorn his body, each bearing skulls and/or jagged edges and darkened as though stained with blood.

He claims to have come to Kya specifically to join the expedition to Iso’Latarin.


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