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SOL (Son of the Light)

SOL is a lean figure, standing at six and a half feet and weighing 15.6 stones. His skin is the color of dark smoke (almost black) with tribal designs in pale grey upon his face, chest and arms. Coupled with pure white eyes, lacking both pupil and iris, SOL has been described as having an almost demonish appearance, though both demeanor and action prove him to be otherwise. Matching his eyes, thick locks of white hair flows to the middle of his back in a long braid, no other body or facial hair can be seen.

SOL wears the simple riding leathers of a traveler with few other possessions. His shirt is made of wool with a simple leather tie to open and close depending on the weather. His pants are of high quality black leather, seeming to allow better movement, and his boots come to mid-calf, showing the wear of constant use, but also maintenance. His most notable possessions are a staff that is never more than arms reach away, a finely crafted dagger and a large pouch containing a leather bound tome. Other than the tribal designs of his flesh, SOL bears no insignia or other charm divulging religion, creed or otherwise.

In his current coil, SOL hires himself to merchants and travelers alike as both guide and practitioner for excursions into Iso’Latarin.


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