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“Pick up the phone, leave her alone. It’s time you made a stand
For a fee, I’m happy to be Your back door man.
“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”

Ruins of Iso’Farsh
57 Summer (Concluded)

The dark knight summoned a cadre of angels to fight at his side, but the winged creatures had no staying power. Kang took great pleasure in sinking his claws into the armored form while Vincent and Chaus struck the man with their own weapons and the arcanists assaulted his mind. Despite his surprise arrival and the loss of The Pentifex Monolith, the adventurers put the knight down in a matter of moments. The cushani priest struck the killing blow and Vincent nodded his approval. Their work concluded in Iso’Farsh, they collected their treasure and the body of their companion then made for the ship.

Kya, Karsari Federation
62 Summer, 2979

Richly rewarded by their victory in the competition (sealed by the disappearance of the rival team), most of the treasure hunters desired to kick back and enjoy the spoils of their success. Vincent was only interested in the next mission and encouraged SOL to begin researching Spira and any connection to the Winter Wyrm – the only leads Jaxon had given them. The wizard performed a few rituals before discovering that the cultists who knew more about the nightmare realm dwelled in a secret temple in the bowels of the ziggurat that dominated the city of Kya. With this determined, it was simply a matter of finding a way into the stronghold of the Black Lance company. As Shan discovered, greed was a popular sin, even among faithful sentinels. Ten platinum bought them a guard who let them inside the lower levels of the tiered pyramid.

They explored the labyrinthine corridors of the ziggurat, seeking any sign of the Silent River or the Shrine of Winter Souls mentioned in SOL’s divinations. They had to practically crawl through some of the corridors, which had apparently not been built for creatures of such great stature. Images of feral halfling necromancers flashed through Vincent’s head, and he idly wondered what affect their magics would have on his mind and body. They eventually emerged into a hallway with more reasonable ceilings, and stretched their backs in appreciation of this fact.

Behind one door, Vincent found an apparently forgotten corner of the compound with a storage room containing thousands of gold pieces worth of residuum. Feeling they were on the right track, the adventurers tried the next door. The revenant was mildly surprised to learn that the chamber beyond housed a small shrine guarded by angels. The divine host reacted to the intrusion with predictable hostility, and the fight was on.

Having slugged it out with dragons, medusas, and high-ranking cultists of the Winter Wyrm, the adventurers were definitely up to the challenge presented by the angels. The holy vermin were laid low with minimal effort, and the would-be heroes of Iso’Latarin continued their methodical search.

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