Noir Entry 8

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Ruins of Iso’Farsh
57 Summer (Continued)

The slaughter of the rival team was not on Vincent Noir’s agenda, but the servants of the Winter Wyrm stole the soul of The Pentifex Monolith, and that he would not abide. The elf had crept into the mansion to spy on the revenant and his team of treasure hunters, but had been scared away by the sight of the assassin. Vincent wasn’t interested in this development, but he reported it to the others, who thought it would be best to give chase. They followed the man’s muddy footprints deeper into the city until they came to another large house.

Heading inside, the adventurers discovered an entrance to a demi-plane, apparently common to the mages of Iso’Latarin when they’d still been around. One by one, the treasure hunters climbed the stairs, and when it was Vincent’s turn, he found himself alone in a bubble of dim light, impenetrable darkness surrounding him in all directions and the steps beneath him. For lack of a better course of action, the assassin crept forward.

He emerged into a large chamber dominated by a great crystal swirling with disembodied spirits. The rival treasure hunting team held various positions around the room, apparently in the midst of some ritual causing magical energy to arc from two dream spheres to the crystal. The Winter Wyrm cultists insisted that the adventurers leave, but they were denied. Then they made the mistake that cost them their lives. One of the women siphoned a bit of energy from the crystal and lashed out at the warlord, rendering him senseless. The adventurers reacted swiftly to defend themselves.

Vincent’s blade claimed the lives of half of the cultists and his actions sent a fourth into the maelstrom to be utterly annihilated by the forces trapped there. SOL dealt with the arcanists out of reach of the melee, and it was all over in less than a minute. Still, they were not fast enough to save Pentifex. Whatever spell had been used had stolen his soul and as the last cultist fell, his spirit was drawn into the crystal along with the others.

Irritated by the loss, but not overly concerned, the assassin started wiping his blade clean. He was distracted when a spectral figure appeared in front of the great crystal, the man from the dream spheres – Jaxon Iso’Somnium. The magus explained that he and his fellows wizards had attempted a ritual to save them all from the wrath of the Betrayer’s allies, but that Excalon had somehow corrupted the ritual. The result had trapped them all in Spira – a realm of nightmares. Jaxon implored the adventurers to find a way into Spira and free them from the psychotic hell to which they had been doomed. Without warning, large clawed hands reached out from the sphere to drag the magus back into the nightmare world.

Vincent and Kang readily agreed to pursue this quest, but before the party could even begin preparations to leave the demiplane, the dark knight in the black dragon helm stepped through the door to bar their path. The assassin’s pleasure was well masked, though he drew his blade in anticipation of finishing what he’d started in the silver dragon’s cave.

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Noir Entry 8

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