Noir Entry 5

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“Caught a bolt a lightnin’...
Cursed the day he let it go…”
-Pearl Jam

Beneath Iso’Farsh
56 Summer, 2979

Vincent Noir had learned something of dedication the night before. His accidental instructor was the wizard, Son of the Light. Discovering among the spoils of the medusa and her slaadi pets a ritual tome, he identified a key to restoring the companions who had been turned to stone. He was no ritualist, but he set his mind to the task of unraveling the secrets of the magic that might prove to be the treasure hunters’ salvation. For seemingly endless hours the magus sat away from the others, muttering over the pilfered tome while the assassin, the gladiator, and the warlock kept vigilant watch upon the exits from the cavern.

A relative eternity later, SOL declared himself ready to proceed with the attempt to bring Pen and Chaus back to themselves. He started with his companion and business partner, and the ritual itself took a full hour. After that hour was complete, the companions witnessed a miracle as the stone gave way to the flesh beneath, righting that which had been wrong. With a wry smile, the wizard nodded to Shan and repeated the process for her brother. With both companions returned to their natural state, the adventurers had set a watch then slept off their exhaustion.

Knowing that they had given the dragon-helmed man ample time to prepare for their pursuit or get away entirely, they cautiously proceeded down the tunnel before them. The next chamber opened up to minotaur brutes and a second medusa perched high above the stone floor. This one seemed content to snipe at the treasure hunters from afar, and they were all too happy to keep out of the range of her deadly gaze. They swiftly dealt with the bull men, and then Kang led the charge on the medusa. She did not last long under the adventurers’ combined assault. As she fell, Vincent knelt down over the corpse and whispered, “Your sister was stronger.”

The assassin led the mercenaries through the next series of tunnels until they came to a cavern with no other exits. The far tunnel had apparently collapsed, and several more minotaurs toiled to rid the passageway of the icy boulders there. Also in the chamber stood the black armored man with his draconic helm. He challenged the treasure hunters, demanding to know why they had come. Vincent left the parley to the others while he focused on identifying any weaknesses in his adversary. SOL incinerated the minotaur workers with a burst of fire and the fight was on.

The draconic knight activated the magic of his blade, sending up a field of humming electricity. The magical aura inflicted pain on the adventurers who drew into melee combat with him, and proved difficult to move through. Rather than electrical attacks as the group had anticipated, most of the dark warrior’s assault came in waves of thunder. Still, Vincent put his blade to work against the man while Kang tried desperately to hold his attention and the others did their part. It was the assassin’s blade that scored the final blow, and as the revenant began to draw his victim’s life essence into himself, something impossible happened – the knight disappeared. His quarry whisked away on the wings of some powerful magic, Vincent allowed himself a small frown of consternation.

Still, he had a portion of the man’s soul, and he intended to collect in full.

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Noir Entry 5

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