Noir Entry 3

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Enemies stand dead in your blood, the stench of cooking skin.
All of them with their hair on end, their eyes exploded in.

Vitaeium Conjure, Ruins of Iso’Farsh
55 Summer, 2979 (Concluded)

Vincent Noir, shaken by the encounter with the foulspawn and the effects of their unnatural touch upon his mind, tried to focus on the task at hand – finding the hoard of the dragon rumored to reside in the shell of the wizard college in a damned nation. It was an uphill struggle, particularly considering that the next chamber the treasure hunters entered was occupied by even more denizens of the Far Realm. The large room must once have been a classroom, considering the lectern flanked by rows of seats ascending either side. The foulspawn occupied the center of the chamber amidst puddles of bubbling acid from an unknown source.

The assassin was so distracted trying not to let the aberrations touch him again that he failed to land a single strike with his fullblade for several critical seconds. Once more, Kang charged to the front and surrounded himself with enemies, while the arcanists struck from as far away as possible. Vincent barely noticed that SOL seemed to have reigned in his tendency to include allies in his spell blasts.

The revenant actually managed to kill one of the foulspawn and draw in its soul to fuel himself, but then he found that he was nowhere near the rest of the melee. This would not ordinarily be a problem except that he had not avoided the poisonous psychic fumes summoned by one of the foulspawn and his legs were slow to respond to his commands once more. Without a nearby shadow to step through, he could only trudge along slowly toward his next intended prey. The fight was over shortly thereafter. More coin and gems were discovered on the corpses, and after the adventurers had rested they proceeded onward and upward.

They came to a door that seemed to be charged with electricity. Given that information, The Pentifex Monolith requested a few minutes to attune himself to that element. The assassin grated at the delay, but it seemed the most prudent course, and so he did not press the issue. Once the genasi was satisfied, the door was opened to reveal a wide tower chamber with no roof. A burning vortex in the center of the room immediately drew everyone’s eyes. There appeared to be a humanoid body of indeterminate race and health within the twisting inferno, but that could not long hold their attention considering the blue-scaled dragon lurking in the back of the room.

The fight was joined and the “heroes” immediately set about keeping the dragon pinned down, so that it could not use its speed and flight to best advantage. Whereas the foulspawn had insinuated their malignant will into the assassin’s mind with subtlety, the dragon had no such intention. It slammed its will into the treasure hunters like a hammer on an anvil, stunning most while it pulled back to breathe its lightning breath through half of the group. The straightforward assault ripped Vincent’s mind out of its melancholy funk and a small, wicked grin split the assassin’s face.

Spells flew and blades flashed, and gradually the dragon burst free from the shackles placed upon it by the adventurers’ attacks. Even so, its blood flowed freely and it drew up to even greater altitude and out of most of the hunters’ reach. Vincent sneered at the dragon and then spoke in Draconic, his voice pitched low but still well within the dragon’s earshot. “Flee, worm. We seek only your treasure. Fly away and spread the tale of how you were bested by mere men.” Then the assassin strolled casually over to the hoard piled high at the back of the chamber. Incensed, the dragon spun on its wing only to run headlong into Pentifex’s blade. It crashed to the floor dead.

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Noir Entry 3

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