Noir Entry 2

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“Come play my game, I’ll test ya
Psychosomatic addict insane!
-The Prodigy

Vitaeium Conjure, Ruins of Iso’Farsh
55 Summer, 2979 (Continued)

While the others completed looting the ogre’s campsite, Vincent kept his senses trained on their surroundings. No threats presented themselves, but the assassin knew that was no excuse for a lapse in vigilance. Once the group had satisfied themselves that no more treasures could be found in the massive entry chamber, the revenant led them to the only other apparent exit. The halls were wider than those Vincent was used to treading in hostile territory, and the open space kept his perceptions sharp. Nothing, however, threatened the group, and he brought them safely to an ornate set of double doors with chipped and pitted enamel. Noting light coming from beneath the door, he ordered the others to douse their own torches.

The hinges were in bad shape, and the assassin knew that opening the doors without making a horrible noise would be no easy task. He had few supplies with him, but he improvised with a clump of moss he found along the wall, squeezing what oils he could from the fungus to lubricate the hinges. Amazingly – perhaps the moss was magical in nature – when the revenant cautiously pushed on the doors, they opened with next to no noise. The ogres in the broken chamber beyond were none-the-wiser as The Pentifex Monolith launched the attack.

The brutes were swifter than Vincent would have imagined, and he found himself pummeled by their massive clubs. Seeking the sanctuary of shadow, he slipped between the world and Vorgard to lurk out of sight in the darkness. Unfortunately, SOL was unable to see the assassin while targeting his spells, and Vincent was caught in the explosion. Cursing, he teleported to the edge of the combat, noting that once more, Kang was untouched by the wizard’s magic. “Could he be immune?” the revenant wondered, intrigued. Putting aside how best to discover the goliath’s secret, he focused on the combat at hand, bringing his fullblade to bear against the few surviving ogres. The entire encounter lasted less than a minute.

More gems were discovered among the ogres’ belongings near the campfires, and Vincent began to feel that perhaps the competition was rigged – that it was a little too easy to find ridiculous sums of riches within the ruins. But then, the wizards had simply vanished according to the reports. Perhaps they’d simply had no time to take their wealth with them, and the squatters had hoarded all of the shiny baubles. That was certainly their bet hunting the dragon’s lair within the broken college of wizardry. For the second time, the assassin banished these discordant thought. Why was he having such trouble focusing on the task at hand?

The path led up several steps and into another long corridor, which ended in another pair of doors that had apparently been frozen shut. Lacking the proper tools for this obstacle, Vincent summoned Chaus to the fore. The cushani priest put his great strength and sturdy mace the task of bashing the hoary portal open, making a distressing amount of noise in the process. However, within three swings of his massive arms, the way was clear. Of course, because of the loud approach, the creatures lurking on the other side were ready for the party.

Several humanoids of unnatural appearance waited with a variety of weapons ready to greet the intruders to their domain. Vincent thought he heard someone mutter the word “foulspawn” and he winced. Natives of the inscrutable Far Realm were known to drive their victims insane, and the assassin did not desire to expedite his own impending madness. Chaus charged forward and slammed one of the creatures nearly over a ledge, but that only seemed to make the foulspawn angry. Vincent stuck near Kang, whose wits were swiftly overwhelmed by the chaotic bladework and psychic attacks of the grues and berserkers. The latter seemed to emanate chaos, and uncertain that his blade would not strike at the goliath of its own accord, the assassin took a calculated risk and struck out with a strangling shadow.

Distracted by his injuries, he didn’t see the four-armed grue wielding as many daggers slip through his defenses until it was too late. Instead of stabbing him, however, the creature reached out and touched Vincent’s mind. A horrible sense of vertigo and… wrongness permeated the revenant’s senses, and he felt himself begin to black out.

She holds the blade idly in one hand while she gently caresses my temple with the other. Her smile is so warm and inviting as we lie there in nothing but our skin. We spend the entire day making love, and my legs can barely move as I rise from the bed to fetch us some food.

Returning from the brink, Vincent snarled defiance at the foulspawn, and though his legs scarcely responded to his commands, he had enough command to step through Kang’s shadow into a flank with one of his enemies. Still staggered from the mental assault, perhaps, his blade missed its target. The assassin could not stop himself from blinking in surprise, before he realized that he was vulnerable – surrounded by the foulspawn.

Fortunately, his fellow treasure-hunters had not been idle while Vincent struggled with his conjured demons. Seizing an opening provided by Shan Ives, the revenant’s wrath was great as he struck down his enemies then vanished to stand beside the warlock. He was pleasantly surprised to feel himself revitalized by her mere presence, even as the foulspawn suffered and died in her nimbus of light. He exchanged a quick glance with the female cushani, and it seemed to Vincent that she smirked at him – though with cushani, who could tell? Keeping well away from the touch of the remaining foulspawn, the assassin put himself to best use finishing off the remaining creatures.

He withdrew from the others, his thoughts swirling as he struggled to puzzle out the source of the illusion/memory that had surfaced because of the foulspawn’s touch. Who was the woman? She had seemed more than a casual lover, but Vincent simply could not place her. He schooled his stirred emotions as Chaus called out to him that the group was ready to move forward. Turning slowly, the revenant simply nodded and took his place in the lead.

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Noir Entry 2

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