Location: Northern shore of Sea of Shadows, central Karsari
Founded: 2629 ab
Ruler: Merchant King Joropius Farceria
Population: 456,392 (Human 50%, Cushani 25%, Dragonborn 10%, Halflings 5%, Elf/Eladrin 4%, Dwarf 3%, Tiefling 2%, Other 1%)
Notable Chartered Companies: Black Lance Trading, Sarns Trading, Cottle Trading
Main Trade Goods: fruits, weapons, armor, slaves, naval ships


Kya was built by the sweat and blood of slaves. Founded in 2629 during the days of the Kingdom of Palmos, Kya’s original purpose to was to be a temple to the Winter Wyrm and Xerchos as his choosen disciple. In the course of building the massive ziggurat with four black monoliths at each corner, hundreds of slaves were killed due to poor working conditions and the constant demand to continue working. When construction was completed, the remaining slaves were sacrificed to Xerchos in the name of Winter.

After the defeat of Xerchos and the liberation of the slaves, the city fell into disreapir and the temple was abandoned. It was not until Helphanteus Farceria, a deserter of the Helvadian Legions, arrived in the area and began a rebuilding effort. His robust determination led to a rebirth of Kya and the founding of the Black Lance Trading Company. The family of Farceria has ruled over the city ever since.

Locations of Interest

Temple of Winter Sky
Located at the center of the city, the massive ziggurat was built to be temple to the Winter Wyrm. After the defeat of Xerchos, the building was abandoned until the Farceria family repurposed the building to serve as a government building for the Karsari Federation.

Dock District
The dock district occupies the entire southern region of the city. With its deep waters and extensive harbors, the district is well known for its efficient dock workers and large number of warehouses for rent. Due to its central location, the docks of Kya are well known and a well used stopping point between cities along the Sea of Shadows.

Merchant District
The largest district in Kya, the merchant district houses all the merchants in the city. The larger and wealthier merchants have store fronts while transient merchants normally setup booths throughout the district. In addition to the merchants, the district also has the Karsarian gladiatorial pits.

College District
This district holds the Karsarian Arcane College of Fire. The college is a closed campus except to faculty, former and current students.

Brick Hills
The majority of residents in Kya are located in Brick Hills. Named for the red brick buildings, Brick Hills is a collection of closely spaced buildings that stand several stories tall. Most buildings normally hold multiple families who either rent or own their floor.

Black Lance Company Headquarters
Located just outside the perimeter of the Temple of Winter Sky, the headquarters of the Black Lance is a massively large black building of obsidian. The headquarters is guarded by the infamous Lancers, a mercenary company on constant retainer with the trading company. In addition, multiple warmages are always present to provide additional security.

Sarns Company Headquarters
The Sarns company headquarters is located in the northern part of the city. This multi-building mansion serves as home and headquarters for the Sarns. The estate is well known for its lavish parties and its beautiful, if not disturbing, sculpture garden.

Cottle Company Headquarters
Located in the Dock District, the Cottle Company headquarters is a diamond shaped building with its own personal harbor. With the dock side headquarters, Cottle is able to keep a firm grasp on the shipping trade. They are also know to keep their building well protected through many warmages and magical wards.

Golden Bucket Tavern
The Golden Bucket is the largest tavern in Kya and is located between the merchant and dock districts. Known for its nightly bardic entertainment, the Golden Bucket is the source for rumors, adventure listings and drinking. The tavern is currently owned by Patience, a female tiefling.

Sea Spirit Inn
The Sea Spirit Inn is located on the eastern side of the dock district. The upscale inn has a fantastic view of the sea and easy access from the docks. It is the premier choice for the rich and famous. The inn is currently owned by Havisker Dresk, a male human.


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