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Karsari Federation

Alias: Ondia, Palmos, Lands of Trade
Government: Council of Merchant Kings
Capital: Eoska
Region: Western Falamar
Total Population: 6,448,291 people (Human 50%, Cushani 25%, Dragonborn 10%, Halflings 5%, Elf/Eladrin 4%, Dwarf 3%, Tiefling 2%, Other 1%)


The Karsari Federation is a collection of city states that control the northern shores of the Sea of Shadows. They maintain their sovereignty by remaining neutral in foreign affairs and leveraging supply to keep and grow their power. They are a nation of traders where coin rules everything.

Life & Society

“To truly live is to be wealthy” say the people of Karsari. Anything can be bought, and any-thing can be sold. Within the society of Karsari, the measure of one’s worth is measured by the sum of one’s wealth. Wealth comes in many forms, such as coin, but also land, art, and slaves. Even loyalty can be bought and sold, and bribery is common and even expected throughout the Federation. The people of Karsari are extremely judgmental of others and themselves. Race, homeland and even gender can sway the price of goods and services between the different merchants.

Though the land has an abundance of independent merchants, trade is ruled by the powerful trade companies that are chartered with the Federation. Sanctioned to conduct business with little oversight, the trade companies of Karsari are ruthless in their pursuit of wealth and are run by some of the most powerful merchant lords in the world. Even entire families are owned by the trade companies, tasked with providing goods for little pay.

Though oppressed, the common folk of Karsari realize that their condition is a vast improvement over those forced to live within the lands controlled by the Ilium Empire and its allies. They may be in poverty but they are still, in essence, free.

Working to keep the Federation running is a Council of Merchant Kings. Six kings, one from each city-state within the Federation, sit on the council which meets once every two years. The council decides policy and regulations for the Federation and oversees major trade disputes between trade companies. Bribery and blackmail are common tools for the merchant kings when attempting to pass regulations that favor their city-state and trade companies loyal to them.


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