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Region of Iso’Latarin

Alias: The Fallen
Government: None
Capital: None
Region: Western Falamar
Total Population: Scattered


The nation of Iso’Latarin was founded by Morisa, wife of Latarin in accordance with his wish for a place for all within Falamar to come and learn the ways of using magic. Beginning with a single college on Raven’s Isle, the idea quickly spread and several more colleges were constructed to meet the demand. The nation is now all but empty. The Lich Lord Razel corrupted the arcane energies of the magi of Iso’Latarin during the Reunification War, resulting in all of the people disappearing into the unknown. The cities of this vast arcane nation are all that remain of the people who once inhabited the area.

Regional History

The region was sparsely populated up through the Age of Heroes, made up mostly of fisherman, merchants, farmers and pirates. Other, more dangerous creatures were also common throughout the area, especially orcs who favored the scimitar plains. During the first Night Reign, the orcs banded together, forming the Slayer Legions who joined the cause of Ilius. These powerful legions of orcs marched through the southern parts of Falamar, wrecking havoc and leaving destruction in their wake. During the Third Age, Felor the Just swept through the area, driving the Slayer army back to the far reaches of the scimitar plains.

At the end of the Crusader War, the archmage Latarin moved out of the spotlight as one of the last surviving heroes to focus on building a college of arcane studies so that he could pass on his knowledge of magic. Though he died before he could see his dream become reality, the movement carried on, evolving into the Confederation of Iso’Latarin.

The cities of Iso’Latarin began as learning centers, places where one could get simple instruction in the ways of magic. As they grew, more and more people settled around them, allowing them to grow and expand. During the early years, nearly all of the populace were former students from the colleges, who decided to stay in the area to give back to the community that had given them an education. With such a strong focus on working and giving to the community and college, the cities that formed around the college became completely focused on education, using it as a measure of one’s success and status within the society.

Throughout the years, Iso’Latarin remained neutral in the affairs of the world, preferring to focus on education and trade. Occasionally, the orcs of the scimitar plains would invade the republic, or pirates would create trouble on the waters of the Sea of Shadows. These events were sporadic throughout the years, however, allowing the republic to develop into an almost utopian society.

The nation’s lack of involvement led to the country’s downfall when the Reunification War broke out after the rise of Ilius. Caught by surprise, the nation quickly fell under the onslaught of Lord Excalon and his Nullmandor necromancers. In an effort to save their lives, the head schoolmasters of the republic combined their magic in a ritual to wisk the people of Iso’Latarin away from certain death.

The ritual was only a partial success. Excalon managed to interfere with the ritual, corrupting it with his own magic so that instead of being gated to Avengard, the people of Iso’Latarin were sent to a demiplane of nightmares and darkness.

With nothing left in the region but empty cities, Excalon left with his necromancers, leaving the world to take over the region.

The region is now home to a vast array of creatures, some of which are magical experiments set loose upon the land. The cities stand vacant and untouched, thieves and pirates unwilling to venture past the creatures in the area.

In recent years, the orc population of the region has swelled without the mages of Iso’Latarin to keep them at bay. Led by the Blood Arrow tribe, the orcs have attempted to try and rebuild the Slayer legion, believing it their birthright to command such an army and to rule with it. The orcs have chosen the city of Hemi as their home, renaming it Thrak’nor.


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