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The GM will list character options and any changes to the core rules in this space.

Character Options

During character creation, if a player cannot find a Background with the appropriate associated skill(s) for their character concept, they may create their own Background and present it for approval. The GM holds final say on the viability of a created Background.


Monster Hit Points
Monsters will have 80% of their normal hit point total. This is to help speed up combat encounters. No other stats have been altered.

Healing Outside of Combat
When not engaged in a combat encounter, characters who are down a number of hit points equal to or less than their healing surge value regain all hit points.

Benefit Points
This is a system to reward players in-game for things they do to help make the campaign better overall. (Stolen from Wolfhound of Horn of the North fame.)

What’s a Benefit Point (Bennie)? Benefit Points function just like Action Points with two exceptions:
  1. Persistent – Bennies don’t go away after a long rest.
  2. Boss Encounter Edge – If the GM uses an Action Point in an encounter, you can spend a Bennie even if you’ve already used an action point for the encounter. If the GM uses more than 1 Action Point in an encounter, you may spend more than 1 Bennie.
How to Earn Bennies

Last Updated: 04.27.2010

House Rules

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