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Here is a bestiary of the creatures encountered by the group during their adventures.

Revelations: Sacrament of Winter
Encounter T1:

Revelations: Amaranth
Encounter H1: Ogre Warhulk, Dire Bear
Encounter H2: Ogre Warhulk, Ogre Skirmisher
Encounter H3: Foulspawn Seer, Foulspawn Berserker, Foulspawn Grue, Foulspawn Master
Encounter H4: Foulspawn Seer, Foulspawn Hulk, Foulspawn Abomination
Encounter H5: Nightmare Vortex, Adult Blue Dragon
Encounter C1: Gray Slaad, Blue Slaad, Red Slaad, Green Slaad
Encounter C2: Medusa, Gray Slaad, Green Slaad
Encounter C3: Medusa Archer, Minotaur Warrior, Minotaur Cabalist
Encounter C4: Lord Agdread
Encounter M1: Adult Red Dragon
Encounter M2: Mindflayer Mastermind, Mind Flayer Infiltrator, Umber Hulk
Encounter M3: Mindflayer Mastermind, Spirit Devourer, Viscera Devourer
Encounter M4: Acerium
Encounter M5: Disciples of Winter: Bor, Geresh, Jorgon, Zol, Krono, Yren
Encounter M6: Lord Agdread


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