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Iso’Latarin – Formerly a land of great magic and legendary heroes.

When the Reunification War erupted across the land, the wizards of Iso’Latarin entered the conflict against the Betrayer. Their participation would not last long. As the most powerful ally of the Alliance of Kings, the wizards posed one of the biggest threats to the Ilium Empire. Therefore, Ilius the Betrayer ordered their destruction. As the Lich Lord Razel’s proxy, Arch Necromancer Excalon walked upon Iso’Latarin and sundered the magic of the land, banishing the wizards into the planes.

Two decades have passed since that dark day, and word has come out of Karsari that people are needed for an expedition to explore the now wild lands of Iso’Latarin. A simple quest for treasure turns into a journey to unravel the mysterious disappearance of the wizards of the Mage Nation.

The party members gathered in Kya and were selected by the Sarns trading company to compete on the company’s behalf in the Iso’Latarin Treasure Hunt. Following a tip about dragon hoards, the ragtag group of killers and adventurers entered the ruins of Iso’Farsh…


01 Assembly – 04.23.2010
02 Barren – 05.07.2010
03 Cryptic – 05.21.2010
04 Deadly – 06.04.2010
05 Electrifying – 06.18.2010
06 Fortitude – 07.02.2010
07 Glimpse – 07.16.2010
08 Honorbound – 07.30.2010


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