Night Reign: Revelations

Amaranth: Honorbound

Revelations of a Nightmare

57 Summer, 2979
Middle Quarter, Iso’Farsh

Lord Agdread kicked the dead body of another Karsarian mage off the roof of the building. The fifth one today. The knight was finished with this little game of pretend with the war mages and their trading company masters. It was coming to an end and Agdread was glad that he could soon leave this cursed land.

The knight turned and began to make his way down from the roof when a strike of black shot past his right shoulder. The imp turned gracefully back toward the knight and began to speak rapidly in its infernal language. The knight remained quiet and listened to the creature describe how the meddlesome adventurers had found the secret ritual room of Jaxon and were attacking the disciples.

Frowning, the knight made his way off the building and down the street to the innocent looking building. As he walked, he called out to the Winter Wyrm’s aide. The eclipsed sun’s light was soon blocked by the wings of angels.

57 Summer, 2979
Middle Quarter, Iso’Farsh

The adventurers rested in a room off the library of the mansion to recover from their battle with the chronomancer. As they rested, the sounds of books being knocked over echoed through the quiet chamber. The group looked to one another curiously and then over to Vincent as he stood and quietly made his way over to the door that led to the library. Peering through a crack in the doorway, he saw a stack of books that had been knocked over and the faint outline of a person running away.

The assassin looked over at the group with a cold, uninterested look to his face. “Someone was poking around. They scared themselves and ran,” he mentioned and walked over to gather the rest of his things. The rest of the group followed suit and soon was making their way out of the mansion.

As they exited the mansion, they smiled because the rain had finally stopped falling, making it only slightly more comfortable. As an added bonus, the creature that had fled left tracks in the mud that led off into the middle quarter of the city. The group decided to follow the tracks into the city and were careful to avoid the roving bands of creatures that frequented the area.

The short trip brought them to a two story house in the middle of the residential area. The house was unassuming and plain looking. The only odd thing was the muddy footprints leading up to and inside the house. Vincent quietly made his way to the door to peer inside. He did so carefully as the last time he went peering through strange doors he was attacked by a red dragon.

Inside was a simple house with furniture that had long since been destroyed. The only odd thing he noticed was a pale blue light that was coming from a hallway off the main living room. The group quickly made their way inside the house and over to the hallway with the pale blue light. What they found was a closed door that had the light slipping through the cracks.

After springing the trap on the door and getting singed slightly, the door was opened to reveal a glowing staircase leading up. Pen and SOL immediately identified it as a portal to an extra dimensional space which was fairly common for accomplished wizards to do to hide their laboratories. The group collectively agreed to make their way up the stairs.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the group found themselves in a very large council room. The room was made of marble and two towering statues greeted the group as they entered. The statue on the left was of Morisa, Latarin’s wife. The one on the right was of Latarin himself. On the far side of the room was the council seating area with several throne-like chairs.

At the center of the room was a very large crystal hovering just above the ground. The crystal stood roughly 12 feet tall and gave off a soft violet color. At each side of the crystal were two orbs, similar to the dream orbs that group had recovered earlier. An arc of lightning-like energy connected the orb to the crystal, powering it as part of a ritual. A reflection inside the crystal was of an unknown city filled with spires. Lastly, a whirlwind of green energy swirled around the crystal and the group could see the shapes of people within the energy; most likely souls.

“The Eye of Quelanar!” whispered SOL to the group.

Occupying the room was the second treasure hunting team, the Disciples of Winter. They looked at the group curiously as they entered, unsure of their motive. The Disciples demanded that the group leave and when they rebuffed the demand, the female shadar-kai quickly cast a spell and drew power from the Eye and then shot a bolt of soul energy directly at Pen. The genasi flew back from the blast crumbled to the ground. The rest of the group looked astonished for only a moment before collecting themselves and launching an attack of their own.

The fight was back and forth to start with neither side giving much ground. However, the Disciples of Winter were split in their attention due to the Eye of Quelanar, and it proved to be their downfall. Once the eladrin bladesinger fell, the rest began to fall in short order until finally the deva paladin finally fell to the ground dead.

With the last Disciple dead, the group quickly converged on Pen while SOL focused on trying to close the ritual on the Eye. It took every ounce of magical effort but SOL finally closed the ritual before any further harm could come to the souls it had taken. Meanwhile, the rest of the group found that Pen’s soul was taken during the fight and ensnared within the Eye. With the ritual closed, the group had no way to retrieve their friend.

Looking for more clues, the group was able to activate all of the dream orbs together which resulted in the Eye generating an image, that of Jaxon Iso’Somnium. The archmage told the group that the people of Iso’Latarin had somehow been redirected in their journey to Avangard and wound up some place else. He wasn’t sure where but he knew that they were imprisoned by a creature calling itself the Lord of Nightmares.

The mage pleaded to the group to help and that they may be able to find the soul of their friend during their journey. When asked for a place to start looking, Jaxon told the group to investigate the Winter Wyrm for it helped Excalon somehow corrupt the ritual.

The mage was then interrupted by a large, black demonic hand that appeared around him. The giant hand grasped the mage fully and yanked him back into the crystal. All the group was left with was a scream. A scream of pain and agony.

XP per Player: 2,800
Treasure Found: 118pp, Periapt of Cascading Health +3, Cloak of Resistance +3, Shared Suffering Scale +3



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