Night Reign: Revelations

Amaranth: Fortitude

Red dragon surprise

53 Summer, 2979
Middle Quarter, Iso’Farsh

Lord Agdread handed his bloodied sword off to his captain in absolute disgust. He knelt down to the bleeding creature that clutched a burlap sack tightly to its chest. Its buggy eyes darted back and forth as death slowly came for it. The lord grabbed what little hair the creature had on top of its head and pulled it close. “Tell me where the orb is,” he snarled.

The creature stammered, now unable to see. “The d-d-dragon…” was all that it could say before it finally died in his hand. Lord Agdread growled and threw the head back down onto the cobblestone street. He looked over the creature for any other clues for several moments until he spotted a clue. He stood up and looked over his shoulder to the half orc beside him. “I know where the next orb is. Gather the men,” he ordered and then looked down to the dead creature. “May Winter embrace you,” he offered before turning around and walking away.

56 Summer, 2979
Silver Dragon Cave, Iso’Farsh

The group took a quick break to catch their breath. The fight with the dragon knight was difficult and sapped a lot of their energy. Still, they decided to press on to see what was on the other side of the frost covered rubble. It took some time to clear the rocks with Kang and Chaus doing most of the heavy lifting. By the time they clear out the rubble, they found a frost and ice covered cave with a silver dragon at its center.

silver dragon

The silver dragon was large sized, just a bit bigger than a large horse. Its silver scales reflected the light of their torches giving the dragon a somewhat ethereal appearance. However, the dragon’s physical condition discounted any such notion. The wings were shredded and many of her scales were scratched or missing. A large gaping wound at her neck was dripping blood to a large pool of blood beneath the dragon. Its eyes were closed as the group entered and made no motion to indicate it was aware of their presence.

Shan and Chaus were the first to approach the dragon while Vincent and the rest hung back near the entrance. The two cushani looked over the wounds of the dragon in horror and could easily see that the wounds were fatal. The wound on the neck was in the same place as the other dragon at the cave entrance. The branding of the Winter Wyrm was clearly visible upon the dragon. Unable to do anything, the cushani prepared to leave when the dragon finally spoke, “Noble cushani, are you able to end my suffering?”

The rest of the group stopped walking and looked back at the dragon. None were able to understand the language of dragons except Chaus who peered at the silver dragon curiously, “I would do everything in my power to help.”

“I…must be purified least my soul be corrupted by Winter and made one of its minions,” the dragon replied, its voice weak and fading.

Chaus’ eyes grew wide. “Blasphemy!” he declared and looked to the group who were watching him with curious glances. “The dragon has been desecrated. She must be purified before she passes on.” He then looked to Shan, “Sister, help me prepare the ritual.” Then he turned his gaze to SOL. “I also need your help,” he asked.

The wizard gave a nod and fished out his supplies and ritual book. The trio quickly went to work to remove the curse placed upon the dragon. After a short time, the ritual was completed and the Winter Wyrm symbol faded from the dragon’s neck, leaving just the wound. Satisfied, the dragon spoke once more, “Noble cushani, I will bless you and your companions as you have honored our pact.” The dragon raised a clawed hand and reached over to Chaus where it smeared blood on the cushani and spoke words of power. Each person was then marked in the same manner as Chaus.

The dragon, finally done with its own ritual, gave out a final breath, “Glory to the Sun. May he light your path.”

57 Summer, 2979
Somnium Mansion, Iso’Farsh

The group made their way from the cave of the slain silver dragons up the coastline to meet up with the boat from the galleons to offload their treasure. They took a welcome rest from their busy work to recover from their wounds and decide their next course of action. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that the group would travel to the Somnium Mansion were another dragon hoard was said to be held.

After entering the city, the group made their way through the back alleyways towards the top quarter of the city which held the mansion and the college. As they made their way through an alley intersection, they nearly ran right into the opposing treasure hunt group. Soaked from the constant rain, both groups looked at one another with a tense glare.

Vincent finally broke the silence. “How’s it going?” he asked as he made eye contact with the large bags the group was carrying.

The dragonborn warrior glanced to his group and then back to the assassin. “Good. You?” he asked back, eyeing the groups large bags in return.

Vincent gave a light shrug, “Fair.” The rest of the group kept their bodies loose and ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. The fur of the two cushani, though wet, rippled with excitement and anticipation.

somnium mansion

Both groups uneasily backed away from one another and slowly began traveling in opposite directions. After a few minutes, the group was able to relax and continue traveling to the mansion. They arrived thirty minutes later.

They approached the main entrance to the mansion quietly and inspected the exterior of the mansion. A portion of the west wing’s roof was missing though the tower next to it appeared to be intact. Most of the windows had long since been broken and most of the shutters had been closed. The group stayed roughly twenty feet from the door as Vincent approached and listened. After several moments of not hearing anything, he slowly tried to open the door which betrayed him with a loud squeak of the metal and groan of the wood.

Vincent cursed at himself for being loud. He glanced through the doorway to see what was beyond. He didn’t need to look far. Meeting him nearly face to face was the head of a red dragon, smoke seeping out from his lips. The assassins eyes grew wide, and before he could say anything, the dragon opened its large mouth and breathed a burst of fire at the group.

red dragon

Caught off guard, the group took to the full brunt of the dragon’s breath. As they staggered to put out the fires and gather themselves, the dragon burst through the doorway to reveal its impressive size. It spread its wings out to display its full glory as it roared. Stunned at the emergence of the dragon, they were too frightened to move as the dragon took a short flight over the group to the back line where it drew in air and exhaled another bout of flame over the group.

Knocked back by the sheer power of its presence and dragon’s breath, they slowly began to pull themselves together. It wasn’t until a third wave of dragon’s breath finally snapped the dragon fear from their minds. Pen and Chaus began working to help their allies recover from their wounds while Kang and Vincent moved in to engage the dragon in combat. Shan and SOL pulled back out of range and drew upon their spells to aid the two melee combatants.

The fight with the dragon was fierce and draining, though they were able to finally gain the upper hand through sheer determination. Vincent, upon seeing the dragon stagger, closed in for the kill. He drove his blade through the neck of the dragon, nearly decapitating the creature in one swing. As it fell dead to the ground, a sliver of fire arched out from the dragon’s body and traveled up the fullblade of the assassin. The soul of the red dragon was then absorbed into Vincent’s body.

A closer inspection of the body revealed that the dragon was covered in the markings and brandings of the Winter Wyrm, though no dragon horde was to be found. Disappointed, the group looked at the mansion and sighed at the fact that they would have to now search the mansion.

mind flayer

Upon entering the foyer of the mansion, the group found a large room that was mostly destroyed. The wooden floorboards where cracked and broken in most places and several pillars had been knocked over, presumably from the dragon. There was a door to the group’s left and right as well as straight head which was in between to staircases that led up to the second floor. As they ventured within, the group was assaulted by haunting images of being burned alive. The group grabbed at their heads in pain.

Through their blurred vision they could see a pale glowing blue light coming from the top of the stairs. Dressed in all black, tight fitting leather was a mind flayer holding a wand with a glowing crystal at the end of it. It said nothing as it pointed the wand at the group and began to descend the stairs. From the base of the stairs, two more mind flayers came rushing out from the darkness to engage the group.

Kang was sectioned off from the rest of the group and pulled towards the mind flayer mastermind along with one of the infiltrators. The third mind flayer began to assault the group, though found that they recovered more quickly from the haunting images that it anticipated. It sent out a telepathic call for help and a moment later, a large umber hulk burst out from the broken floorboards and charged the group.

The fight was difficult due to the constant mind blasts from the mind flayers, though they were never able to get the upper hand in the fight. The mastermind in particular, was never able to finish off Kang who proved to be too stubborn to die. Once the umber hulk fell to the assault of the collective group, the mind flayers fell in short order.

Experience per Player: 2,917
Treasure Found: Emerald (5,000 gp)



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