Night Reign: Revelations

Amaranth: Electrifying

Reviving friends and making new enemies

50 Summer, 2979
Lower East Quarter, Iso’Farsh

The head of the minotaur champion bounced along the ground until it came to a stop at the collective feet of the group. Among the minotaur warriors were an odd collection of medusa mercenaries and slaad slaves. A frown came to the face of an elderly human as he looked down to the head. He eyes followed the trail of blood back to the executioner, his lips keeping the frown. “It would appear that my best is…inadequate.”

Lord Agdread wiped the blood clean from his blade before sheathing the weapon. “You and your people work for me now,” he said in a slow, commanding voice.

The gang of creatures looked to their master in dismay but he merely held up his hand for silence. He nodded is head once to the Lord before him. “As you request…my Lord,” came the slow reply.

Lord Agdread looked over the group of rabble before him in disgust, though none could see it due to the visor of his helm still being down. Their champion was a moderate challenge though it was obvious that the thing had never had formal training. Only years of survival to hone its skill. He then gave himself a mental shrug. The creatures would serve their purpose in ferreting out the orbs. All in good time.

56 Summer, 2979
Silver Dragon Cave, Iso’Farsh

SOL gave a small sigh as he continued to study the ritual book. The Ritual of Remove Affliction was complicated. The magical incantations were not as bad as he thought they would be, though the methodology of the ritual were harder to understand due to his limited knowledge in the healing arts. He glanced up for a moment to his friend Pen who still stood as a life-like statue and resolved himself to perfect the ritual.

After many grueling hours of study and preparation, SOL performed the ritual and freed Pen and Chaus from their stony prisons. Thankful to be free of their doomed fate, the group gathered together to rest and plan their strategy.

Medusa/Minotaur Cave

After a much needed rest, the group gathered their things and pursued the deeper paths after the dragon helmed knight. They knew that he had plenty of time to prepare for their arrival, though it was their hope that after a day of no pursuit, he would relax a little bit. As they traveled back down through the caves, they eventually came upon a new cave. The smell of sulfur was present throughout the cave making it difficult to breathe. Within the room was another medusa standing on a inclined section of the wall. Below her were several minotaurs standing on the outskirts of several pools of acid.

As the group entered the cave, the medusa gave a hiss and drew her longbow. She looked down to the minotaurs below her and pointed to the group. “Kill them. Kill them all!” she hissed and drew a long black arrow from her quiver and fired at the back of the group. SOL was not used to getting fired at by longbows and as the arrow let loose, he reflexively put up a shield which the arrow shattered on.


Kang and Chaus moved into the room while Vincent and Pen moved in to support. Shan moved forward though stayed closer to the mouth of the cave. The minotaurs roared at the delight of combat and moved to engage the group in combat. One of the minotaurs though, stayed in the back. The cabalist began to recite the words of a ritual to cause confusion and destruction upon the treasure hunters.

For as big and strong as the minotaurs were, they were unable to adapt to the various and different strengths of the adventurers. With a quick and brutal offensive, the treasure hunters cut their way through the minotaur front line and pushed them back to the medusa and cabalist. Unable to content with their ferocious melee attacks, the medusa made a failing attempt to turn her petrifying gaze upon them. The adventurers were ready for the attack and were able to resist and shrug off the effect.

With the minotaurs, the medusa was unable to defeat the hunters and fell to their onslaught. With her death, the group took a quick rest to recover their breath. They found a few items among the bodies which they collected before moving on.

Once rested, the group pressed onward through the next tunnel. The passageway was the same as the rest though after roughly twenty feet of walking, the damp air began to turn colder and after forty feet, frost began to show up along the walls of the tunnel. After eighty feet, the group finally made their way through the tunnel to yet another cave. This one was fairly large though much of it was covered in debris and rubble from a partial collapse.

Blocked Cave

Like the other caves, the opposite end of the cave had a tunnel leading deeper into the earth. This tunnel, however, was blocked by frost covered boulders. Multiple minotaurs were busy working at the rubble, trying to clear it free. Watching over them stood an imposing figure in dark blue, almost black armor. His black dragon helm turned to face the group as they made their presence known to the cave.

“You refuse to give up. Commendable, but foolish,” he stated matter of factly as he reached to his hip and drew his bastard sword. The once silver polished sword held several scorch marks along the blade. With a simple flick of his wrist, the blade came to life in a field of lightning. The arcs of lightning spread from the blade to his body and then outwards to form on aura of lightning enveloped him.

The group, undaunted, moved in to assault the black dragon helm knight. As they entered the field of lightning, they found their movements slowed down due to constant strikes of lightning, which made their muscle twitch and spasm. The minotaurs stopped their work and turn to join the fray though they never had the chance to move. SOL was the fastest of the group and launched a fireball at the minotaurs which incinerated them instantly, leaving only charred bodies on the ground.

The fight with the black dragon helm knight proved difficult. The knight was highly skilled in combat and his use of lightning and thunder proved to be a large advantage for him as he could reach nearly everyone with his blasts of lightning and lightning ground spikes. In the end, however, the six adventurers had numbers on their side and the tide turned against the knight.

As he began to tire, he started taking wounds at the junctions of his armor. His blood began to flow freely. As he staggered from a blow from Kang, he stumbled into the reach of Vincent. The assassin easily blocked a sword thrust and made a counter attack of his own with his fullblade. The blade cut down through the armor and down the shoulder and chest of the knight. The knight howled in pain, “This is not the end…not yet,” he stammered and fell to his knees as the lightning around grew in intensity. “We will meet again,” he growled before the lightning imploded upon the knight in a shower of sparks.

When the implosion settled, the knight was gone.

XP per Player: 1750
Treasure Found: Ghostlight Candle, Map of Unseen Lands, Potion of Vitality, Assassin’s Cloak +3, 2 sapphires (1,000gp each)



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