Night Reign: Revelations

Amaranth: Cryptic

Slaying the dragon and gaining more questions than answers

48 Summer, 2979
Kya, Karsari Federation

The half human gave a deep bow and left the room in silence. He quickly made his way down the hall and headed to his meditation chamber. The room was simple, free of clutter and distractions. Only simple symbols dedicated to Winter adorned the walls which complimented his personal shrine to the Wyrm. Rivo gave a prayer to Winter as he entered and immediately moved over and knelt before the shrine.

The priest then withdrew a silver ritual knife from his robes and placed it on the shrine. He gave another prayer to bless the knife before undressing from his robes. He stood naked before the shrine, scars covering his body. He took hold of the blessed knife and began to carve symbols of the Winter Wyrm into his flesh. Blood began to flow freely from his chest, pooling down at his feet. The half human gave a content sigh and then ran his fingertips along the carvings in his flesh as he recited the words of a ritual.

Above the shrine, a vortex began to form. Small at first, it began to grow in size until it was roughly three feet in diameter. Within the vortex, a shape began to fade into view. A humanoid, dressed in wicked looking spiked armor of matte black stood, the visor down of his skull shaped helmet. Rivo gave a grin, “You are needed now my Lord. Retrieve the orb and let nothing stand in your way.”

55 Summer, 2979
Vitaeium Conjur, Iso’Farsh

Lecture Hall

The group took a breather from their fight with the foulspawn. The fight had been decidedly more difficult than the previous encounters they had faced. Once they had all collected their breath, the group moved through the double doors and found yet another hallway with several more classrooms on both sides. The room where empty save for the items and debris left behind. Within a few minutes, they came upon a door to a classroom that was shut. The door showed multiple signs of corrosion along the edges though this did not prevent the group from kicking open the door.

The room appeared to be a lecture hall. A single stone podium stood at the center of the room and fanning out to each side on a ramped floor were chairs for students to sit. The room held the same kind of debris and destruction that the previous rooms held though in addition, there were several pools of a dull brown-green gel along the floor. Scattered about the room were several more foulspawn. These spawn, however, were mostly different from what they had encountered previously. There were several large-sized, red skinned brutes with oversized hands and arms. Their hands were covered in scars making it obvious as it why it carried no weapons. In addition to the brutes was another seer like the previous room as well as what could only be called a Foulspawn Abomination.

The Abomination was a grotesque form of semi-transparent skin and tentacles instead of hands. Its face was deformed and partially eaten away, possibly from the acid gel pools around the room. After the initial shock was over, the group made their way into the room with weapons drawn. The foulspawn answered in kind and the fight was on.

Kang the Abominable was the first into the fray and took the brunt of the punishment that was dealt in the first few seconds. The foulspawn, like the other room, were fond of confusing their opponents through trickery, overwhelming strikes and confusing magics. Even with their tricks, the foulspawn were not able to stop the advances of the well seasoned adventurers. They eventually fell to the weapons and magic and the room was quiet.

As the group rested, they found a golden locket on the stone podium. The simple locket was engraved on the front with an arcane symbol standing for time and the back was engraved “LV.II.MMCMLXXIX” Within the locket was a miniature hourglass. Once their rest was completed, the group headed out into a new, short hallway that had a class room on each side and a another pair of double doors.

Dragon Den

The group immediately noticed the smell of ozone in the air. As they quietly discussed the best means of entry, a horrible scream sounded off from inside the room. The group tensed and then kicked open the door. The room was the base of one of the towers of the college that stood more than 50 feet tall. The floors of the different levels had been physically removed along with the roof leaving the tower hollow. Rain was beginning to fall from a storm front that had moved into the area.

At the center of the room was a Nightmare Vortex of black, white and violet energy. Roughly five feet in diameter, the vortex seem to drawn things to it as evident by ripples in the air around it. At the base of the vortex was the charred remained of a humanoid figure in a fetal position. As the shocking scene came into full view, they found a large mound of gold coins littered with various objects. Right next to the mound of treasure stood a large blue dragon. It’s massive head tilted to the side in a cat-like motion as the adventurers entered the room.


Its eyes flickered over to its treasure and then back to the group before him. “Twice in one day,” thought Parcalagorn as it watched the adventures venture into his lair. “Perhaps they will be more of a challenge than the thief before them.”

The dragon made no move to hide itself as it came into view of the adventures who walked into the lair prepared for battle. With both sides aware, the adventurers charged in first, running past the vortex above the charred body. As they moved past, bolts of necrotic energy leapt forth, draining them of their life force and filling their minds with the screams of tortured souls. The muscled past the vortex and then engaged the dragon directly. SOL (Son of the Light) stayed behind however. He drew upon the arcane energies of the room and began to close the portal inch by difficult inch.

The fighting was brutal, with neither side holding anything back. Unable to fly away for most of the fight, the dragon was forced to endure the attacks while it breathed lightning and hurled bolts of lightning at the group. On multiple occasions, Parcalagorn drove his horn into the adventures, driving them back and then to the ground with his powerful strength. When the battle was nearly one, the dragon was finally able to take flight. As he hovered above the group, Vincent Noir taunted the dragon as he stood over his horde. Enraged, the dragon turned and dove towards the assassin. It was at this point that The Pentifex Monolith launched his weapon through the air at the blue dragon and struck true. The neck of the dragon split open, spraying blood down onto the adventurers. The life drained from its eyes as it spiraled out of control and hit the side of the tower with a loud crash.

With the dragon defeated, the tired group of adventurers began to shift through the massive amount of treasure they just found. Within the treasure they found an orb that was roughly one foot in diameter. As soon as it was touched, a swirling mist appeared within the orb and a voice spoke.

The Dream Orb – War.

XP per Player: 1,633 or 1,797 (10%)
Treasure Found: Timeless Locket +3, Jaxon’s Dream Orb (War)

Dragon Horde: 10,000gp, 3 emeralds (1,000gp each), 5,000 gp in art carved bone statuette (70gp), solid gold idol (1,200gp), silver comb with moonstones (300gp), black velvet mask with numerous jewels (130gg), cloth of gold vestments (160gp), gold music box (1,000gp), carved bone statuette (50gp), finely wrought small gold bracelet (260gp), solid gold idol (700gp), silver chalice with pearls (1,130gp)



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